Thursday, May 1, 2008

Today I read Truck Stuck to a really large group of preschoolers and moms at the Geneva, IL story hour. The kids seemed to like the book and they definitely liked the trucks and the coloring sheet I had to share with them. Nobody bought a book. Was anything wrong with this event?

I don’t think so. The Geneva B&N has really built up a steady and regular audience for their story hour. If you are going to story hour every week or even twice a month, you probably don’t want to buy a book every time. But my book was heard, it was enjoyed, it is in the store and autographed. Perhaps the next time one of these children is invited to a birthday party that child’s mom will remember what a great present Truck Stuck would make.

I chatted with Cathy, the assistant manager of the store and she said many new authors don’t realize how important it is to get out in public and read and talk about their books. I was glad to hear her say that. It’s all a part of the learning process—sometimes you sell a lot, sometimes you don’t, but getting the book known is always valuable.

I’m glad that all the children enjoyed the coloring sheet Charlesbridge has provided (and B&N graciously Xeroxed for me.) But next time I’m going to have a good supply of my almost free postcards that I order through Vistaprint that I can hand out as bookmarks and souvenirs of the event.

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