Monday, August 11, 2008

Truck Stuck in the Blogosphere

I began writing this blog so that I would have a single place to record what I learn as I do my best to publicize Truck Stuck. I don't really know very much about blogs, the way people use them, and the way they link together to create more buzz, to rise higher on the search engines, to become known. But there are a number of blogs and bloggers who have reviewed Truck Stuck, and for them I am grateful.

The first review I became aware of was by Esme Codell, written soon after publication. Esme, a wonderful author, teacher, and amazing promoter of children's books and the love of reading, undertakes to review at least a book a day on her blog, The PlanetEsme Plan: The Best New Children's Books from Esme's Shelf. How does she find the time to read and write so much?

I learned about Jen Robinson's Book Page when Taylor Rogers, at Charlesbridge, forwarded me a link to Jen's review of Truck Stuck. Not only was I pleased by her favorable review of my book, but I scrolled through her lists of children's books that adults will enjoy and other fascinating lists. Check this blog out--she is not a professional reviewer. She is a lover of books.

Anastasia Suen writes a blog about how to use picture books to teach the Six Traits of Writing. Titled Picture Book of the Day, she includes brief descriptions of the book and then several ways to use the book to teach writing skills. Anastasia Suen is known for her on-line courses about how to write for children.

There are more blog reviews of Truck Stuck, but I am on vacation, away from my computer, and without my resources for a few more weeks. I'll be sure to post those other reviews as soon as I can round them up. Isn't it amazing the number of blogs out there and the people who are writing them? How do they find the time! I feel as if I am always behind.

Learning to post while on vacation is one of the things I am learning as I go.


Jen Robinson said...

Just wanted to say thanks for recommending my blog, Sallie! I enjoyed Truck Stuck quite a bit.

Sallie Wolf said...

Thanks for writing, Jen. I have only today discovered that I have comments on my blog! Somebody reads at least some of this! Amazing!


Jen Robinson said...

Comments are a big part of what makes blogging fun, Sallie. At least I think so. Enjoy!