Monday, March 30, 2009

Truck Stuck still rolling

Here is a picture from the Illinois SCBWI booth at the Illinois Reading Council conference held annually. What a wonderful job our Illinois members did of promoting Illinois authors and illustrators. Truck Stuck is front and slightly right of center--you can see how a good cover image can help promote a book. Thank you everyone who worked at this event, and especially Louann Brown and Toni Leahy, who organized the SCBWI-Illinois booth.

And on a completely different continent--I just got back from a two-week trip to South Africa with the Brown University Travelers and Penn University Alumnae. It was a fabulous, whirl-wind trip, packed with sight-seeing, lectures, and animal-viewing safaris. I brought two copies of Truck Stuck--one specifically for a school in Zambia, and one to carry in my backpack. We were crossing from a day of animal viewing at Chobe National Park in Botswana back to Zambia, where we'd come to view Victoria Falls. There was a school group waiting to take the ferry also. I gave them my last copy of Truck Stuck and asked if I could take their picture. There were several more opportunities where I could have shared my book with South African school children. Note to self--always travel with extra copies.

I did have postcards with the cover art on one side and information about the book and my website on the back. I handed these out to everyone on our tour who wanted one.

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sri said...

thank you so much and I had done a search as well and did not find anything. I wondered if I was missing something!